Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Good-Ole' Water-Bottle Dog Toy - Ideal for Indoor Play and Hot Summer Days

Recycle in a whole new way with bottled water. 

We've also seen those toys hangging from the pet-store display walls.  Empty stuffed animals that can be stuffed with water bottles.  The bottle makes a wonderful crunching sound when squashed and if the bottle become overly squished it can be easily removed and replaced.  It's also an ideal toy for dogs who love to rip the stuffing out of their toys because there is no stuffing to worry about. 
But why spend a ton of money on a manufactured water-bottle toy when you can make one yourself?  All you really need to do is raid your recycling bin.
Combine an old sock and an empty water bottle to recreate this toy. Place your empty plastic water bottle inside an old sock. Knot the sock and watch the fun.
Poke holes in the water bottle and remove the cap. Then, fill it with small or crushed dog treats. It works like the well-known Kong, allowing the dog to pester the bottle until small pieces of treats come out of the opening. If she destroys the bottle and gets the snacks, take the plastic before she can eat it and use a new bottle tomorrow.
On hot days fill the water bottle half way with water and lay it on its side in the freezer. Your dog has a solid chewing toy that will cool him in the hot weather, but it isn't too hard for his teeth.
Bear's favorite version of this toy is the ice-filled one.  He will run through the house with his bottle toy dangling in his mouth for hours - and will usually fall asleep while sucking on it (the big baby).  

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