Wednesday, 17 July 2013

One Animal Lover Takes Advocating to the Next Level

One animal activist, dog lover, and shelter volunteer is going to great lengths to bring awareness, support,
and much needed money to the Manchester shelter that rescues and re-homes over 4000 dogs each year.

Sean LeVegan will live in The Manchester Dogs’ Home for 35 days, the average number of days it takes for a dog to be adopted from the shelter. He will live exactly as the dogs do including fasting from food for the first four days (the average time it takes most dogs to eat when kept in a new, frightening environment), sleeping on the floor of a kennel with another dog, only leaving the confines of the kennel bars for 1 hour of each day in which to exercise, play, and potty.

Sean plans to be “caught” by the Manchester Dog Warden on October 5, 2013. That’s when his amazing journey will begin.

He’ll experience the same stress, boredom, loneliness; even fear that shelter dogs experience during their time in shelters. Further, Sean is inviting the world to watch his journey via live webcams aimed into his kennel.

Sean has even had himself micro chipped as part of his mission to experience life as a dog!
During his stay, he’ll have visits from animal experts and celebrities that will discuss dogs and tell dog tales to his audience.

“All my activity will be seen on webcams linked to my kennel.  I will be asking subscriber to pa just $7.50 US to access my Kennel Cams for the duration of this project.  Every penny will be going to help Manchester Dogs’ Home refurbish their home – can house 600 dogs when full."

To follow Sean on his path to the Manchester Dogs’ Home, or to see how you can help, visit his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter!


As an avid and proud-of-it dog lover, I was appalled to read that the dogs are only permitted out only once a day and for only an hour to relieve themselves and exercise – that has got to put a ridiculous amount of stress on an already stressed system.  I’m also concerned at how a human body/system will handle that sort of stress. 
The optimist in me hopes that Mr. LeVegan’s efforts will bring the awareness, funds and changes that he hopes, but I wonder how much of a dog’s experience, stress , misery and pain can really be expressed by a human in a way that will truly bring about significant change. 

Still I wish Mr LeVegan the best of luck in his efforts, and send some serious applause for his innovation.

What are your thoughts?  Bear and I would love to hear them!

Originally seen on the Dogington Post
Keep your tails wagging,

Bear’s P4ws. 

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