Thursday, 17 January 2013

Life Lessons From the Dog....

Sometimes I wish I could see life through Bear’s eyes.  To him the world is a place filled with wonder and exploration.  Everything is a chance for play and the greatest reward in the world is when I scratch along his spine with my nails, or cuddle him close to kiss his nose.
To Bear, life is uncomplicated.  Play when you can, explore everything, greet everyone you meet because they all have the potential to become great friends. 
He hates it when I leave, or take him to the vet, but he’ll forgive me the second our eyes meet.  He anticipates the pleasure that comes from my company and misses me as much as I miss him when we’re forced apart by work and the challenges brought on by the human world.
Bear doesn't care about money.  He doesn't care if my hair is brushed or my makeup is done.  He couldn't care less about the distinction between pyjamas and formal evening wear.  Bear’s only concern is the happiness he gets from the pleasure of my company. 
I know that life wasn't always easy for him – Bear had a rough puppy-hood – but since we've fallen into each other’s company I've never seen him let that hold him back.
To me, Bear is the epitome of the enjoyment found in life.  He seeks to take pleasure of everything in his surroundings and there are days when I desperately wish that I could do the same.
Sometimes I think that if we “civilized” humans were more like our dogs, there would be a whole lot less hate in the world – and a whole lot less stress.

They say  that everybody is born with the desire to change the world – even if it’s in the smallest of ways – but no one is unselfish enough to put the world’s needs in front of their own…..

From now on, I think I’ll start taking a page out of Bear’s book…..

Keep your Tails Wagging
Bear's P4ws


  1. my Dog love's snow , guessing your does also :)

    1. Bear is a total snow-dog. He's happiest when he is burrowing into the deepest snow-drifts he can find....or hunting for field-mouse burrows in the field beside our house.

  2. I have 4 dogs myself and totally agree with your post. Makes me wonder what goes thru their head sometimes and how would it be to see the world with their eyes.
    It's a very nice post you wrote and thank you for sharing it :)