Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Recipe for Trust and Affection.....

Not all dogs come “pre-wired” for affection, and while most may  gladly sit or stay for a tasty treat or praise from their people, some may choose to ignore or even purposely defy their pet parent. Like humans, dogs are individuals with unique personalities. Even breeds well known for their lovable natures and extreme obedience skills, such as the golden retriever, have a few rebels in the family -- free thinkers who believe they know better than you about where and when to sit. Still, there are steps you can take to earn the best from your pooch, regardless of his personality.
  1.       Prove you're reliable by feeding him on time, taking him out when he needs a potty break and following a predictable work and home schedule. If you feed him at 4 p.m. one day and 8 p.m. the next or spend little time at home most days, he won't trust you to meet his basic needs.
  2.       Earn his trust by using your hands for petting, praise and redirection -- not punishment. Calling your dog to you and then punishing him for a mistake, such as using your best shoes as a chew toy, confuses and frightens him. Like an infant who hasn't learned the language yet, he has no idea what you're angry about, even if you pick up the shoe and show it to him.
  3.       Establish yourself as a calm leader. Yelling at him or stomping around in a huff when he misbehaves may help relieve your frustration, but it will do little to build his trust in you. He'll focus on the lesson rather than on finding a place to cower while you rant if you correct and redirect him firmly but gently, such as saying “ouch” and stopping play time if he nips you.
  4.       Build on his natural doggy affection by playing with him frequently. Even the older doggies will chase a rolled tennis ball across the living room or sniff out a treat hidden in plain sight. Engaging in petting fests whenever possible reinforces his desire for human interaction. 
* Referenced from The Daily Puppy

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