Thursday, 30 January 2014

The "Frozen Dog" Dilemma

Let’s be honest right of the bat and call this what it is: a rant. 

As a dog owner, dog lover and an advocate for overall dog health and happiness, it really curdles my
insides to open my Facebook every day and be bombarded with pictures of half-dead/frozen dogs with caption that read things like “No one likes to be left out in the cold.”

Do I think that we need to advocate for the rights of those pets who are abandoned and neglected?  Yes.  Of course I do, but posts and images such as the one above seem to forget one very fundamental thing:  the people making and sharing these posts are all dog lovers who have taken it upon themselves to speak out against the neglect of all dogs.  That is, for all intents and purpose is a very noble cause that should, and often isn’t, be acknowledged and applauded.  The targets, however, are not those who leave their dogs outside to freeze, or even those who leave their dogs outside to bake in the blazing summer sun (because really, we all know that those owners are one and the same).  All these horrible, sad and utterly gut-wrenching pictures are being passed from dog lover to dog lover – any really, all that seems to be doing is stoking the anger that we may feel towards those who neglect their animals without doing much to fix the problem. 

As a dog lover, wouldn’t you much rather see more of this

 when you log in to your Blog/Facebook/social media site?

Because in all honesty, I know I would.

Bark back at us and let us know what you think!

Keep your tails wagging, 
Bear's P4ws


  1. That damned skinned rabbit video that keeps popping up makes me sick to my soul and stomach. I have four rabbits that are very dear to me and I love rabbits, so seeing such cruelty is beyond horrifying.

  2. I would much rather see happy pups playing in the snow but responsible pet owners have to remind those who shouldn't have a pet on what to do in the winter and summer. We shouldn't have to remind anyone on how to take care of their pets but there is the fact that it has to be done.
    Love the photos of the dogs romping in the snow! I love snow!!!!

  3. Absolutely! The posts of neglected dogs are horrible. We dog lovers are not friends or even FB friends with people whom would treat their pets in such a manner. So the posts really are a waste. Education and keeping our eyes and ears open to possible problems in our own communities are the best way to combat these problems.

  4. You raised a good point, Einat. I'd love to see happy puppies (those 4 years old puppies as well), rather than the sad, gut wrenching stories. But CPA also has made a valid point: how can we reach those dog owners who do commit these acts of cruelty, because to change this situation we need to reach and change their way of thinking.

    Spencer and I love the picture of Bear frolicking in the snow! :D

  5. I Agree! I hate to see any kind of neglected pet....but my dog loves to be outside! He doesn't care how cold it is. He does NOT like it in the house. He has always lived outdoors and that is where he wants to be. He has a dog house and a barn that he can go to in the cold or wet or heat. When he comes inside (which is pretty often), he's happy for about 5 minutes then goes to the door and wants back out. What to do? He loves it outside regardless of the weather.

  6. fun picture's and post are lovely but we do have to high light the plight of those in need,xx Rachel

  7. I would much rather see dogs frolicking in snow but I also wish everyone would treat their dogs like I do ... as family members. My dogs sulk when I kick them off our bed and make them sleep on their custom beds, oh my! But the sad truth is not everyone thinks of their dogs as family members so we have to remind them. It can be annoying to see so many freeze posts cluttering up my wall since I live in Florida but if it saves one dogs life, then it was well worth it.