Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Umm....Excuse Me....

Dear fellow tail-waggers,

Bear here.  I know it's been a long, loooooong while since we last posted any news or articles or pictures of my wonderful fuzzy bum, but things had been a little whirl-windy over the past month and a bit....which sort of meant that we couldn't come online as often as we would have liked.

Mum wants me to pass on her thanks to all those who kept checking back.  She says "we really appriciate it."

With any luck, we'll be jumping back into the full swing of things now that stuff has "settled down"....(I wonder what that means.  Mum always tells me to settle down at bed time....)

Wishing you all woofs, barks and happy tail wags
(that's me!!)

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