Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Remember this pooch?

His name is Lost Boy and, not too long ago, he was looking for his forever home.  Lost Boy lives in Repulse Bay Nunavut; a small community where life for stray dogs is hard, cold and potentially deadly.  We came across Lost Boy through a friend who, had she had the room in her own home (being a dog mom to 2 other rescue pooches) would have adopted him herself.  She was determined not to leave Lost Boy behind and the search began.....

Four days after posting this poster for Lost Boy and reaching out to an incredible Toronto-based dog rescue called Just Paws Animal Rescue, Lost Boy had a veritable army rooting for him.  His story ends happily -- the family that had agreed to temporarily foster him fell head-over heels in love with his incredibly gentle and loving nature and very quickly decided to adopt him themselves.

Romping with one of the local pups =)

Lost Boy now has a bed to call his own, a warm place to lay his head and a family that will love him and care for him.
A happy tail indeed!

Thank you to everyone who passed our Lost Boy post along, and to the wonderful people at Just Paws who had their sleeves rolled up and were ready to dive head-first into a fundraising campaign to help us find this beautiful boy a home.

Keep your tails wagging,
Bear's P4ws

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