Monday, 8 April 2013

Setting the Record Straight - An Insightful and Heartwarming Look at Northern Dog rescue

A while back I posted this post regarding a Global article that left me horrified.  The article depicted the lives of the dogs of Northern Ontario as an exercise in horror.  It spoke about Aboriginal peoples hunting and shooting dogs for sport – about communities that could not care less, and of a people that seemed to take perverse pleasure in neglecting their dogs. 
Having lived, worked and helped rescue in the north, I was absolutely disgusted by the article and the “do-gooders” that felt that by victimising dogs and vilifying the Aboriginal people of these communities they could make a positive difference.  My rant (and subsequent letter to Global news) was somewhat scathing.

But recently, Anne Babey, the founding member of the CatLake Friends of Animush Dog Rescue sat down with CBC radio and cleared up any, and all, misconceptions regarding the way dogs are treated in the north.  She admits that there is a need for proper dog education, as well as dog care facilities, but she also gives a very important and very clear view of what life for the Aboriginals is like in the north – and the constant struggle to balance out their own lives, with the lives of the dogs that share their land.

Anne has been working with the Northern Reserve of Cat Lake for 11 years.  She’s seen it all as far as Northern dogs are concerned.  She and her team have provided free services and education to the people of the Cat Lake community and have built a level of trust with them that is incredibly heart warming.

I would encourage anyone interested in dog rescues, or just plain-old feel-good dog stories, to take a minute to listen to what Anne has to say.  She and her team of volunteers and vet-technicians are heroes in the dog world, and every now and then, we need to take a moment to thank them for everything that they are doing.

Listen to her interview HERE

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