Sunday, 7 April 2013

Misadventures of a Stinky Puppy

Sometimes our dogs come up with the wackiest, most absurd ideas – and today, it was Bear’s turn.  While out on our usual weekend morning romp, Bear had the excited fortune of coming across some VERY stinky duck poop.  He decided that since it smelled so pungent, it would be an excellent addition to his coat. 
I should have recorded a video of how happily he rolled through it.  Now, normally, the second he even started getting down into the dirt he would have received a sharp command to the contrary, but today was bath day, so I let him relish in his newly acquired stink for the duration of the walk home.

Once we got back however, it was a different story entirely.  Bear knew the game was up the second we walked through the door.  He was told, in no uncertain terms, that it was “bath time” and spent a good thirty seconds moping by the tub.  But Bear knows that the torture of bath time is usually followed up by a wonderful towel scrub down and then some good old-fashioned wrestling, all followed up by a special treat and snuggles for being such a good boy in the bath.

Here is his bath-time picture diary.

The reluctant bather - Bear sits and looks at the tub.  He'll avoid going in for as long as possible

Bear has a theory: Maybe if he drinks all the bath water, he won't have to take a bath...
It's worth a shot, right?

All wet!

Soaped up and ready for the rinse cycle...

But first! A soap-hawk
(Oh the things that Bear puts up with)

Towel time!

Playing peek-a-boo

All tuckered out and ready for his towel-snuggle

And finally! A clean (non-poop) smelling Bear!

Keep your tails wagging
Bear's P4ws


  1. I loved reading the Misadvientures of a Stinky Puppy! Bear is such a handsome guy! He would probably like to hear of the stinky adventures of Micah! The busy little choc lab rocket the zipped all over the park today, in the rain and wind and mud. She had a wonderful time, and also decided to rub and roll in some choice of doggie heaven scent. I bet the two would have thought they both were the best smelling dogs ever. Micky also ended up in the bath, including her collar, much to her disgust and is once again our friend. Hugs and tail wags to beautiful bear. 

  2. Ahhh Bath time such fun for dog and owner alike LOL