Tuesday, 23 April 2013

10 Amazing Things Your Probably Didn't Know About Your Dog

     1)      Many owners leave all their worldly possessions to their dogs

It is estimated that well over one million dogs in North America (the United States especially) are named as the primary beneficiary in their owners’ will

     2)      No matter what special breed your dog may be, his (or her) family tree started with a wolf

All dogs, across all breeds are descendants of wolves; dogs and wolves are technically (and scientifically) the same species

     3)      Trimming your dog’s  nails is not just about appearance

Many canine foot disorders come about as a result of untrimmed nails

     4)      Dogs can pin-point the source of a noise in 6/100ths of a second

They use their ultra-sensitive swiveling ears like super-charged satellite-radar dishes

     5)      Dogs have 3 eyelids

There’s the upper lid, the lower lid and a third lid called a nictitating membrane, or “haw” that helps keep the eye moist and provides protection

     6)      Some dogs have been known to live a VERY long time

The oldest known dog on record was an Australian cattle dog who lived to be well over 29 years old.

     7)      The death of a beloved dog is as painful as the passing of a human family member

The grief you and your family feels at the passing of your beloved pet is often as intense and pain-filled as the grief felt when a beloved human friend or family member passes.

     8)      Do you know how many breeds of dog there are?

....over 700

     9)      Your dog is missing a rather important (human) organ

           Dogs do no have an appendix

    10)   Dogs have an incredible sense of smell

The keen sense of smell that all dogs have allows them to locate incredible things: dead bodies under water, termites, natural gas buried deep in the earth and even human cancers!
(original list from Healthy Pets.com)

Dogs are pretty incredible aren’t they?
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